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Revealed: Is There Any Pros Of Censorship

Pros Of Censorship

Censorship controls the information that is brought to society. Although most countries use some form of censorship, there are pros and cons of the act of censoring. Some pros of censorship include:

· The censor of pornographic material prevents the corruption of children;
· Censorship helps preserve the secrets of a nation being revealed;
· The act of censorship helps protects individuals’ privacy;
· The act of censorship helps prevent terrorist groups from learning about dangerous technological advances;
· Censorship can help hide sensitive military information;
· It helps avoid plagiarism;
· Censorship protects children from learning things that could potentially harm them;
· It limits the amount of violence that is broadcasted over the television;
· It limits the amount of obscenity and vulgarity seen on television and in movies;
· It protects the morals of society and religions;
· It limits the amount of abuse that is viewed over the television;
· It prevents negative displays of cultures, individuals, or communities.
Censorship laws has more information about the pros of censorship.

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